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Ao Ashi Chapter 318: Leaving For Spain! Spoiler, Release Date, Plot

Ao Ashi Chapter 318

The terrible truth of the football world was conveyed in Ao Ashi‘s last chapter. Before departing for Spain, Hana made the decision to accompany Fukuda to Ehime. Hana remembered how the city was like the town of Sabadell as nostalgia struck them both. This brought Fukuda’s memory back to when he had experienced prejudice because of his Asian heritage 10 years prior. His teammates referred to him as “Chino” and refused to throw him the ball. The next topic will emphasize the consequences. Here is all the information you want on the plot and release date of Ao Ashi Chapter 318.

The panels in Ao Ashi will continue with a flashback to the past the next time. The racist epithets had not yet been condemned by Fukuda. Will he relent this time, though? To learn more, keep reading!

Ao Ashi Chapter 318

Ao Ashi Chapter 318: Spoiler

Ao Ashi Chapter 318’s title has not yet been revealed. However, Ehime Prefecture will be the focal point. The chapter will offer some much-needed breathing room from the action, which is relatively unusual in the Ao Ashi and other sports anime narratives. Fukuda hasn’t visited this place for a very long time. This location appeals to Hana as well, and she likens it to the Sabadell. The last episode came to a heartbreaking conclusion with Fukuda recalling some awful earlier occasions.

He will take Hana to the tourist destination sites now that she is in Ehime, though. The town is very different from what Hana had anticipated. She initially believed it to be a little village full of cows and bullocks. But as time goes on, her opinions are shifting. The pair will carry a few mementos from this location before departing for Spain. The step-siblings’ mood will be revived by Chapter 318. At the conclusion of the day, they will also go to Fukuda’s father’s grave and offer prayers for him.

Ao Ashi Chapter 318

Ao Ashi Chapter 317: A Brief Revisit!

Ao Ashi Chapter 317 was titled “Chino.” In Matsuyama, the chapter began. Ashito was brought up in the Ehime area where he was born. So, before he went for the next game, Fukuda brought the explorer Hana along to check out this location. Hana remarked to Fukuda about how serene Ehime was. She could extend her eyes in any direction she wanted. Fukuda stated that this was because there weren’t any towering towers in the city. Days also moved more slowly here than in Tokyo.

Hana continued by making a comparison between the town and Sabadell, which brought up some terrible memories. The flashback took everything 10 years backward in Spain. In particular, Fukuda was eager to play alongside his Spanish colleagues. He felt self-conscious about his limited English skills, though. All he needed to do, in his opinion, was play football. But things ended up working out rather differently. The players at the game were racist and treated him like trash. He was known as Chino. Fukuda, however, had no idea what it meant. He then learned that they were ridiculing his Asian heritage.

Ao Ashi Chapter 318

Ao Ashi Chapter 318: Release Date

In the following chapter, Fukuda will eventually fly to Spain. It’s time to take some action now. Hopefully, Fukuda’s negative memories from the previous game will be erased by the upcoming battle in Spain. The official release date for Ao Ashi Chapter 318 is January 10, 2023.

Ao Ashi Chapter 318: Where To Read

You will find everything on BigComicBros where readers may read all the chapters in English.


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