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Ao Ashi Chapter 319: Fukuda’s Past – Release Date, Spoilers & More

Ao Ashi Chapter 319

Despite the fervent anticipation amongst devotees, it has been announced that the eagerly-awaited installment of Ao Ashi Chapter 319 will not be making its debut in the imminent future. Enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting further developments regarding Fukuda, having been given a glimpse into his past through prior installments. However, it appears that they will have to exercise patience, as the rationale for this postponement remains enigmatic.

Nevertheless, it has been promised that the forthcoming chapter will be arriving in due course. Furthermore, it has been hinted that Ashito will ascend to the senior team, although their status remains uncertain. It remains to be seen what the creator of the manga has in store for us.

The 319th installment of the manga will proceed to delve deeper into the narrative of Fukuda’s past. The series is temporarily departing from its focus on the senior practice arc in order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of Fukuda’s experiences and how they led to his ultimate decision to instruct pupils rather than pursue a career as a professional player.

Did you enjoy reading so far? Keep reading to see how this anime’s story unfolds in the coming chapter.

Ao Ashi Chapter 319

Ao Ashi Chapter 319: Spoilers

It is possible that the imminent chapter will persist in its exploration of Fukuda’s backstory. It is an aspect of the story that has had a profound impact on the perspectives of readers. Fans have been eager to comprehend the reasoning behind Fukuda’s selection of Ashito as the leading player in his team, given Ashito’s lack of professional experience and knowledge in football.

However, the recent flashbacks have provided insight into the fact that Fukuda perceives individuals differently and holds the conviction that even those without prior experience can become exceptional players.

Moreover, the senior team practice arc is set to be delved into in the coming chapters. Ashito must now demonstrate his capabilities in order to secure a place on the senior team. However, readers will have to exercise patience before witnessing this development, as the manga will continue to delve further into Fukuda’s past, providing a more comprehensive understanding of his motivations for choosing to instruct football rather than pursue a career as a professional player.

Ao Ashi Chapter 319

Ao Ashi Chapter 318: A Brief Revisit!

In the preceding installment which is, Ao Ashi Chapter 318, Fukuda accompanied his sister, Hana, to a renowned eatery in Spain for a meal prior to her departure for her studies abroad. Hana relished her meal, which evoked memories of her home. However, the “octopus plancha with potato puree” dish triggered a flashback that provided a glimpse into Fukuda’s journey to joining the Spanish club and his experiences within the team.

The scene abruptly shifts to when Fukuda first joined the Spanish team and faced a great deal of criticism. His teammates refused to pass the ball to him, resulting in a loss. The media promptly placed the blame on Fukuda for the defeat.

Despite his initial demeanor of frustration and agitation, as he grappled with confusion regarding his actions, he began to vociferously lay blame on his colleagues as he strode down the sidewalk. However, his mood quickly shifted upon encountering a young child whose soccer ball had rolled near him.

At this moment, he became cognizant of the fact that the community held a highly negative opinion of him, branding him as an exploiter of wages and urging him to depart back to his home country. But his demeanor shifted once more as he imparted some expert techniques to the child, thus altering the perceptions of those around him.

Ao Ashi Chapter 319

Ao Ashi Chapter 319: Release Date

The manga appears to be in a hiatus mode as the most recent installment failed to be issued last week. However, the creator of the manga has yet to make a formal declaration regarding the delayed publication, thereby leaving the release date of the next chapter uncertain. Nevertheless, we anticipate that Ao Ashi Chapter 319 will be available for perusal before January 25, 2023, on the Weekly Big Comic Spirits website and app.

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