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Blue Lock Chapter 202: Heart of Sword – Spoiler, Release Date, Plot

Blue Lock Chapter 202

In December 2022, Blue Lock, which now ranks first among the best-selling manga series worldwide, sold over 1.5 million copies. Its protagonist, Ego Jinpachi, is engaged by the Japanese Football Union to coach the squad to success in the FIFA World Cup. It was written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and drawn by Yusuke Nomura.

His grand strategy for making Japan a global power is Blue Lock, a training program meant to produce the finest egotist striker in the world. In fact, Eight Bit’s anime television series adaptation of it, which debuted in October 2022, greatly increased its popularity. In December 2022, it surpassed Slam Dunk and every other manga in the world in terms of sales of sports manga.

The good news is that the publication of the new chapter continues uninterrupted. The last goal has been eagerly anticipated by the crowd. But Isagi Yoichi and Kaiser were the men waiting in line to get that score. But in this plot, something entirely unexpected will happen. The final shot will be taken by the one individual that no one is expecting. Since 2023 has officially started, Blue Lock Chapter 202, the first chapter of the year, is about to be released, and that is precisely what we are going to reveal here.

Fans will learn about a new character who is developing as a serious competitor in the match in the next plot. And this is Yukimiya, of course. When we last saw Ego, he was completely opposed to this man scoring.

Blue Lock Chapter 202

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Spoiler

The title of the upcoming chapter will be “Heart of Sword,” according to the narrative details that have surfaced on Twitter. Everyone’s egos started to dissolve as the battle got closer to its finish, which is how the chapter would begin. Just in front of him, Kaiser will confront the young man with a soccer ball once more. Isagi will question Kaiser whether he intended to murder him right then and there. Isagi was surprised by this query.

The following scene, however, will show Yukimiya seizing control of the situation and claiming the ball for himself. He will immediately launch into a speech in which he will assert that not even god will be able to remove this ego from him. The Bastard Munchens’ decisive goal is scored in the portion of Blue Lock Chapter 202 that features Yukimiya. The scenario now features two main characters.

Blue Lock Chapter 202

Blue Lock Chapter 201: A Brief Revisit!

Blue Lock Chapter 201’s name was “Without Being Seen by Anyone.” Isagi’s last-ditch effort marked the beginning of the chapter. Kaiser was the first though to take him on. Isagi avoided him and managed to reclaim possession of the ball. Later, it becomes clear that Chigiri came to demonstrate his superior speed to Isagi. But in front of him, even his strike was ineffective. Nagi was the next person.

But one by one, each player succeeded in seizing the opportunity to wrest control of the ball back from the Isagi. Chris Prince himself came to question the youngster when the captain witnessed this. With Chris Prince of the England Manshine and Noel Noa of the Bastard Munchens going head-to-head, the story came to a conclusion. Isagi Yoichi, however, will seize the chance to victory.

Blue Lock Chapter 202

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Release Date and Time

The release of Blue Lock Chapter 202 is planned for January 11, 2023, at 12:00 JST. Each Tuesday/Wednesday sees the publication of a brand-new chapter of Blue Lock in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. We’ve gathered a list of a few of them below. It goes without saying that the date and time of this manga will vary from country to country due to the vastly varying international time zones.

9 AM Pacific Time

5 PM British Time

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Where To Read

Only the Kodansha website’s official pages will have all of the manga’s chapters available to readers. Stay tuned and keep visiting AnimeUnfolded.com for all the updates related to anime.


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