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Blue Lock Episode 17: Release Date, Time & Spoilers

Blue Lock Episode 17 Quick Info
Writer Taku Kishimoto
Genre Sports
Studio Eight Bit
Release Time 1:30 AM JST
Release Date February 5, 2023

In the prior episode which is Blue Lock Episode 16, it was clear that Barou was reluctant to join forces with Isagi and Nagi as he underwent training with them. Later on, Isagi’s squad encountered Chigiri, Kunigami, and Reo, marking the initial confrontation between Reo and Nagi since their split.

Blue Lock Episode 17 Release Time

Subsequently, a showdown was arranged between the two teams, with Chigiri netting the initial goal.

Keep reading below to know what to expect from Blue Lock‘s Episode 17. Read at your own risk for the spoilers.

Blue Lock Episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 17: Spoilers

In Blue Lock Episode 17, Isagi and Nagi will endeavor to come up with an approach for scoring goals without relying on Barou, who is uncooperative towards his partners. This could also lead to the uncovering of further information about Barou as Isagi might make an effort to grasp his playing technique and exploit it.

At the same time, Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami are likely to display their synergistic abilities, as Reo’s nimbleness enables Chigiri and Kunigami to roam freely on the field, enabling them to carry out counter-strikes with speed. As a result, the episode in question could feature Nagi and Reo facing off against each other.

What actually happened in Blue Lock Episode 16, let’s check out.

Blue Lock Episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 16: Recap

The Blue Lock Episode 16 named “Tri-Fusion,” showcased Isagi and Nagi practicing with Barou as they attempted to emulate his rigorous training regimen. Subsequently, when Isagi attempted to comprehend Barou’s ideal playing style, he brushed off the inquiry, indicating that he was content with any style as long as he could score.

Moreover, Isagi, Nagi, and Barou encountered Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami, marking the initial face-off between Nagi and Reo since their separation. Reo’s crew challenged Isagi’s squad to a match in the 3rd stage, to which they assented.

Would you like to check out where to watch the Blue Lock anime’s next episode?

Blue Lock Episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 17: Release Date & Time

The Blue Lock Episode 17 will air on TV Asahi at 1:30 AM JST on Sunday, February 5, 2023, and it will be possible to watch globally on Crunchyroll, apart from some specific nations where it will be accessible on Netflix. Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand are the countries where Netflix-streaming-option would also be available.

Additionally, for nations situated in South and South-East Asia, the anime can also be viewed on Ani-One Asia Ultra, which is the premium service offered by the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel.

The majority of international fans will have the opportunity to view it one day ahead on February 4, 2023, at different times due to differences in time zones.

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