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Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: Hitori’s Live Performance – Spoiler, Release Date, Plot

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34

After the fall 2022 premiere of the Bocchi The Rock! anime, viewers were left wondering how the characters’ lives would pan out. So they didn’t waste any time and flipped to the manga to see where the series was heading. The manga is preparing to examine Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34 at the moment. Soon, it will become clear how Hitori and Kita’s next song will function and whether or not it will assist them to win over their fans. Read on to learn more.

The 34th chapter will center on the brand-new song by Hitori and Kita. Now that their lyrics have been written, it’s time to deliver them live before a large fan base. Hitori will experience some problems at this time, though, and will attempt to get some assistance. You will need to watch the show to know more. Kita will also attempt to comprehend Hitori’s circumstances in the meantime.

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: Spoiler

The following chapter will focus on Kita and Hitori getting ready for their live public show after the sleepover arc. The song has already been created, but Hitori is anxious since she is unsure of how others will react to it. Kita, who exudes confidence, advises her to continue concentrating on her abilities The others who are waiting for them will shortly meet them. Kita will be concerned about the prize pool and her fate.

Hitori calls her, urging her to remain in the present, nevertheless. The moment of their show, for which they have been preparing, will soon arrive. But as soon as Hitori notices people crowding their platform, she starts to experience uneasiness. She wonders why she is suddenly anxious because they had been busy recording the song they haven’t played in a long while. But Kita will support her and give her more self-assurance so they can show off what they’ve got.

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 33: A Brief Revisit!

Kita previously spends the night at Hitori’s residence in Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 33 in order to create a new song. The former’s family was delighted to have Kita stay there in the nighttime. Hitori, though, seemed uneasy. Kita took advantage of the chance to research the well-known guitar hero since she appeared to be interested. Hitori tried to maintain her calmness and enthusiasm for the overnight stay, but her anxiousness was at its height. Hitori’s relatives kept periodically dropping by her room to cheer her up. The first person to attempt to fit in was Hitori’s mother.

She talked about the things to pair with them while posing as a 16-year-old. However, Hitori’s younger sister gave her difficulty. She embarrassed Hitori by telling Kita that everyone in the kindergarten nicknamed her older sister a ghost. Later, Kita requested that Hitori share her year’s diploma book. But the latter believed that if Kita saw her in this condition, she would die. She eventually worked up the confidence to present her the graduation book, where she was looking downcast. Ultimately, Hitori warned Kita that people would not appreciate her lyrics. Hitori, however, had her viewpoint altered when Kita advised her to maintain her confidence.

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: Release Date

After the anime concluded, viewers were very interested to learn more about the associated manga series. The manga, however, publishes a new chapter every six to seven days. On January 1st, 2023, the last chapter was published. Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34 is therefore anticipated to release by January 8, 2023.

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: Where To Read

It is available in Japan in the seinen manga publication Manga Time Kirara Max from Houbunsha, and online at Comic Fuz’s website.


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