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Buddy Daddies Episode 6: Spoilers, Release Date, Time & Plot

Buddy Daddies Episode 6 Quick Info
Music Katsutoshi Kitagawa
Director Yoshiyuki Asai
Studio P.A. Works
Release Time 12:00 AM JST
Release Date February 10, 2023

The central characters in the anime Buddy Daddies, Rei and Kazuki, have remained devoted to their responsibilities as fathers. Despite this, caring for Miri is merely one of several tasks they undertake on a daily basis.

Buddy Daddies Episode 6

The situation for the two papas becomes complicated as Kyuutaro uncovers the truth about their joint parenting of Miri. The actions of Kyuutaro as a caregiver for Miri in the absence of Rei and Kazuki have left fans of the series astounded.

However, the anime has yet to delve into the background of the three main characters, sparking excitement amongst the fanbase to gain insights into Kyuutaro, particularly the reasons behind his involvement in such a grisly line of work.

Given Kyuutaro’s enigmatic personality, which has provoked debates within the fan community, viewers can anticipate seeing more of him in future episodes.

Keep reading to know what to expect from Buddy Daddies Episode 6. Beware, below are the spoilers of this manga series. So, read at your own risk.

Buddy Daddies Episode 6

Buddy Daddies Episode 6: Spoilers

Having regained their employment, Rei and Kazuki must now demonstrate their worth to their boss, Kyuutaro, by successfully completing a series of small tasks within a designated timeline. Kyuutaro, now privy to their secret, leaves the duo with no room for excuses.

In the forthcoming episode which is episode #6, the pair of assassins will embark on missions that entail reconnaissance of target locations and conducting extensive background checks on their targets.

Although the assassins will not be taking a break from their demanding work, they cannot leave the young Miri unattended. As the four-year-old is known for causing more chaos than her papas, Kazuki and Rei may once again have to turn to Kyuutaro for babysitting duties.

If you enjoyed reading so far, you might want to check what had happened in the last episode, so, let us check the recap of Buddy Daddies Episode 5.

Buddy Daddies Episode 6

Buddy Daddies Episode 5: A Brief Revisit!

Rei and Kazuki have finally come to the realization that their excessive spending will eventually leave them broke, and their future is uncertain. Fortunately, their boss, Kyuutaro, has assigned them a series of paid small jobs, tasked with gathering intelligence and scouting the locations of their targets, in order to prove their worth as assassins.

Due to an unexpected flu outbreak at the daycare, Miri was sent home with a homework assignment to learn about her parents’ occupations. After Rei falls asleep, Miri discreetly follows Kazuki and ends up at Kyuutaro’s cafe.

Kazuki is horrified to see Miri at the cafe and implores her to refrain from referring to him and Rei as her papas. Kazuki lies to Kyuutaro by telling him that he and Rei have taken on babysitting Miri to earn some extra money, but Kyuutaro finds it hard to believe. Kyuutaro offers to babysit Miri while Rei and Kazuki finish their task, and due to their intense fear of Miri revealing their secret, they complete the task in a hurry.

At the cafe, Kyuutaro helps Miri with her homework by claiming that Kazuki is a comedian and Rei is an oil baron. Rei and Kazuki are panic-stricken when they learn that Kyuutaro now knows their secret.

The following day, Miri presents her homework to her class, revealing that Rei is an oil baron and Kazuki is a comedian, causing a stir among the mothers who now believe that Miri’s parents are wealthy.

Rei and Kazuki meet with Kyuutaro at his cafe the following day. Instead of punishing them harshly, Kyuutaro questions Rei and Kazuki about their readiness to accept the consequences that Miri would face if anything were to happen to them.

Finally, the release date, release time, and where to watch Buddy Daddies Episode 6 have been mentioned below. (For your quick glance, it was also mentioned in the quick info box above.)

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Buddy Daddies Episode 6

Buddy Daddies Episode 6: Release Date & Time

The Buddy Daddies Episode 6 will air on Saturday, February 10, 2023, at midnight JST, across a range of local Japanese broadcasting stations including Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, and others.

The exclusive home for the series is the popular streaming platform, Crunchyroll, which boasts the largest collection of content available.

To view the latest episode, fans can turn to Crunchyroll for free, however, this comes with the drawback of having to sit through multiple advertisements. For an uninterrupted viewing experience, it is recommended to subscribe to either the paid-up, ad-free “Fan” or “Mega Fan” options, both of which come with a 14-day trial period.

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