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Captain Tsubasa Final Arc: The Last Goal – Release Date, Spoiler, Plot

Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun Manga

From Shueisha, we have critical information. Are you prepared for the start of the vital soccer match? Keep your cleats tight because the Captain Tsubasa Final Arc is coming! We have all been waiting for this time when Oliver “Tsubasa” Atom and his amazing companions will face up against the most challenging foes ever. Will they prevail in the end? Or will they succumb to the Final Arc’s pressure? All the announcements and release dates related to Captain Tsubasa Final Arc are covered in detail here.

Since 1981, this popular manga has been in circulation. The brains behind it all are Yoichi Takahashi. 37 tankobon volumes have so far been created from the chapters. There have also been several sequels and anime productions since that time. In 2013, Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun initially appeared. The manga has now moved on to its last chapter.

Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun Manga

Captain Tsubasa Final Arc: Announcement

Captain Tsubasa magazine’s fifteenth issue announced that Yichi Takahashi’s Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun manga will begin a new arc and change its name to Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun The Final in the magazine’s 16th edition. The release will happen in early April 2023. The arc will serve as the “final tale” of the whole Captain Tsubasa series.

Yoichi announced the information in Shueisha’s 15th Captain Tsubasa magazine on January 10, 2023. Regrettably, Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun is about to start its last arc. Along with other important information, he also disclosed the release date. The narrative was initially published by Yoichi in Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine, and it immediately became popular. However, Captain Tsubasa surpassed its modest beginning, as with all great things. As a result, it changed to Captain Tsubasa magazine in April 2020.

It is a sister publication that only discusses the franchise. In August 2022, Shueisha released the seventeenth volume of Rising Sun. The manga has been active for a long time. The feeling is that an era is coming to an end. We were given spectacular hairdos, recognizable actions like the Drive Shot, and ferocious rivalries by the manga artist through his narrative. He is comparable to the “Mozart of Manga,” as if Mozart had written soccer matches rather than symphonies.

Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun Manga

Captain Tsubasa Final Arc: Spoilers

It all begins in the neighborhood kid’s leagues, where Tsubasa’s distinctive abilities give the opposition teams great issues. But his adventure has only just begun. He will soon be called up to play against more challenging opponents at the higher levels. Tsubasa encounters a variety of people along the route who collectively make up a soccer squad of sorts. The devoted and upbeat best friend, the solemn and stern captain, the irascible adversary, and the knowledgeable and experienced coach are all present. They all contributed to making Tsubasa the most effective player for the decisive arc.

The next few chapters will cover topics like friendship, resilience, and the value of following one’s aspirations. The narrative will also have a number of subplots and examine the private lives of the other characters, adding more depth to the chapter. As they compete to represent Japan in the Olympics, Tsubasa and his enduring foe Kojiro Hyuga will square off in the final arc. This renowned manga series will come to an exciting conclusion. Will Tsubasa’s Drive shot be sufficient to defeat Hyuga’s The Tiger Drive, though? Well, only the last arc will reveal. Hence, stay tuned with Anime Unfolded for that.

Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun Manga

Captain Tsubasa Final Arc: Release Date

With Shueisha’s 16th issue, Captain Tsubasa: Final Arc of the Rising Sun would then eventually come to a conclusion. In April 2023, the last arc will be made available. Please note that no exact date has been revealed by the publication. But, it is slated to be released in April 2023. A range of emotions is present among the fans as they anticipate the final arc. However, Captain Tsubasa will always hold a special place in our hearts, just like all wonderful things do.


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