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Jake Ji | Weak Hero Wiki, Characters, Height, Birthday, School

Jake Ji | Weak Hero Quick Info
Height 5 ft 10.5 in
Gender Male
Birthday October 26
Blood Type Type O
Webtoon Comic Debut Episode #44

Jake Ji is a character from Weak Hero manga. He is one of the supporting antagonists in the webtoon comics. He was considered the second-strongest offender of Yeongduengpo. But, after he lost to Ben Park in the fight, he fell to 3rd place on the official Shuttle Patch ranking.

Jake Ji Weak Hero

Hair Color


Eye Color


Korean Name



Ji Hakho


Kenny Ji (Older Brother)


Jake Ji went to Daehyeon High School.

Shuttle Patch Rank



Yeongdeungpo Union


Jake Ji’s height is 5 ft 10.5 in or 179 cm.


Jake Ji was born on October 26.

Blood Type

Type O


Jake Ji has a slim body. He is slimmer than Ben Park. Overall, he can be considered ‘Athletic’.

Fights Statistics

  • Naksung Fam (Daehyeon Middle) – WINNER
  • Manwol Union [Team Play] – WINNER
  • Gerard Jin (Eunjang) – WINNER
  • Ben Park (Eunjang) – LOSER
  • Jaeryong Lee (Cheongang) [Team Play with Wolf Keum] – WINNER
  • Juwon Lee (Cheongang) – WINNER
  • Doyun Kim (Cheongang) – WINNER

Jake Ji Facts

  1. He is the “The Number 2 of Yeongdeungpo” Arc’s primary antagonist.
  2. As per Eugene, Jake Ji is extremely handsome.
  3. In the initial chapters of Weak Hero manga, Jake Ji was often seen wearing a long-sleeved checkered t-shirt with either shorts or pants along with a white hoodie.
  4. He has remained quite stylish while wearing a variety of Givenchy attire.
  5. Jake takes good care of his friends.
  6. He is physically strong and an outgoing person.
  7. Jake is the head of his own gang.
  8. Jake is a big fan of the One Piece manga series.
  9. Jake sometimes appears to be having issues with his dual personality.
  10. Apart from fighting, he is also good at playing football.
  11. Jake Ji is recognized for his Flying Punch.
  12. Dean Kwon and Timmy Park were great friends of Jake when they were all in middle school.
  13. Jake joined Yeungdeungpo Union only after his brother Kenny was badly hurt by the members of the Full Moon Union. He wanted to take revenge for his brother and hence accepted Donald Na’s (leader of Yeungdeungpo Union) offer to join his Union.


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