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Lightning Degree Chapter 144: Ryuyeon Ventures Outside The Academy – Spoilers, Release Date, Plot & More

Lightning Degree Chapter 144

Ryuyeon had accepted the invitation to lunch with the three great saints. He thus receives his due respect. They are shocked by his attitude, though. Ryuyeon behaves more like a businessman than a skilled combatant. But soon, additional details about him would come to light, changing the saints’ perception of him. So, now you know everything there is to know about the narrative and release date of Lightning Degree Chapter 144.

The following time Ryuyeon is in Lightning Degree, he will venture outside the academy. Ryuyeon needs to make investments with the large winnings from the competition. His current top priority is this. So keep reading to find out more!

Lightning Degree Chapter 144

Lightning Degree Chapter 144: Spoilers

The Elder and his newly acquired discipline will be the focus of Chapter 144 of Lightning Degree. Up until this moment, no one was aware that he had a female student. Sansan and Sangyi, however, have acknowledged that he indeed possessed one. Sadly, she passed away. The sword saint will now carry on with his inquiries into her unusual demise. The saint initially thought Elder had simply impersonated his female student. But because he had a daughter of his own, he could then empathize with him.

Elder must have held his pupil in the highest regard if he took such care to gently bury the items in her memory. A great saint thinks that an Elder’s student is just like one of his own flesh and blood. Great Saint also wants to tell Yerin something at this moment. There will undoubtedly be a revelation concerning Yerin in Lightning Degree Chapter 144. Ryuyeon will receive the three horses token, allowing him to go and explore the outside areas. He will search for a reputable bank there to house his riches.

Lightning Degree Chapter 144

Lightning Degree Chapter 143: A Brief Revisit!

Ryuyeon and Blade Saint engaged in a chopstick battle to begin Lightning Degree Chapter 143. The saint wished to demonstrate his skill with a sword. Ryuyeon, however, had little interest in trivial chopstick battles. He didn’t want to become connected with them either, to be honest. The heavenly saints are more revered than the contemporary alliance of the white road. Saints’ devotees will swarm in if Ryuyeon gets entangled with them. They would make Ryuyeon’s survival in the academy challenging.

Meanwhile, the sword saint started looking into Elder’s female student at the Tranquil Pavillion. He had the impression that the youngster wouldn’t pass away so quickly. The Elder was, after all, his ruler. He regretted preventing Yerin from meeting her in the meanwhile. The student had something she wanted to tell Yerin. Concerns were growing over the Elder. The saint, however, refrained from taking any action to stop him. Thus, the chapter came to an end.

Lightning Degree Chapter 144

Lightning Degree Chapter 144: Release Date

Something is being kept from Yerin by the saint. But that won’t be a positive thing. It will be intriguing to see how the next chapter plays out. On January 8, 2023, Lightning Degree Chapter 144 will be available.


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