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My Home Hero Episode 1: Anime’s New Cast, Release Date, Plot

My Home Hero Episode 1 Quick Info
Writer Kōhei Kiyasu
Director Takashi Kamei
Studio Tezuka Productions
Music Kenji Kawai
Release Date April 2023

The forthcoming new episode of My Home Hero which will be episode #1, masterfully blends domestic tranquility with the treacherous realm of the criminal underworld, as Tetsuo Tosu balances precariously on the slender divide between these two opposing forces.

My Home Hero Episode 1 Cast Unveiling

Drawing comparisons to the acclaimed series Breaking Bad, the highly anticipated anime promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of drama and suspense, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its release. The buzz surrounding the anime has already taken the community by storm, with fans on Reddit and Twitter expressing their impatience and eagerness for its arrival.

Originally published in the Weekly Young Magazine in November of 2017, My Home Hero is the creation of Naoki Yamakawa and Masashi Asaki, currently on its 7th volume and having taken a hiatus after concluding its second part in October of 2021.

Produced by Tezuka Productions, this anime is not to be missed, offering a wealth of depth and intrigue for fans to delve into. So, sit tight and immerse yourself in the exciting world of My Home Hero.

My Home Hero Episode 1 Cast Unveiling

My Home Hero Episode 1: Introduction Of New Cast Members

In June 2022, the highly-anticipated anime adaptation of the series was first disclosed to the public, but now, things are rapidly gaining momentum as new cast members have been announced.

Furthermore, the official website of the anime has recently released a visually stunning key visual that exquisitely depicts Tetsuo’s dual existence. To refresh your memory, the previously unveiled cast members are

  • Junichi Suwabe as Tetsuo Tosu, a 47-year-old toy maker
  • Sayaka Ohara as Kasen Tosu, Tetsuo’s 41-year-old wife and steadfast confidante
  • Chihiro Shirata as Reika Tosu, the Tosu household’s only daughter, and a first-year college student
  • Kent Itō as Kyōichi Majima, a 20-year-old member of an organized crime group

My Home Hero Episode 1

With the unveiling of the latest visual, three more talented actors have joined the cast, including

  • Koichi Yamadera who will bring life to the character of Shino
  • Katsuhiro Tokuishi as Takeda
  • Mitsuhiro Sakamaki as Tabata

My Home Hero Episode 1: Plot Details

The anime’s protagonist, Tetsuo Tosu, is a diligent and hardworking office employee who has a deep and abiding love for his only daughter, Reika. However, his world is rocked when he discovers a bruise on her face and, despite his attempts to inquire about the cause, Reika remains evasive.

Eventually, Tetsuo encounters a man who appears to be responsible for the injury and, in a moment of rashness, decides to trail him. This pivotal decision sets in motion a chain of events that fundamentally alters Tetsuo’s life and transforms him from a loving father into a destroyer, driven by his love for his daughter and family.

My Home Hero Episode 1 Release Date

My Home Hero Episode 1: Release Date

The highly-anticipated anime, My Home Hero, is slated to premiere in April 2023. Fans can expect further updates and announcements to be disclosed in the near future through the official website of the anime which is myhomehero-anime.com.

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