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Ningen Fushin Episode 7: Math Meets Mayhem! Release Date, Spoilers

Ningen Fushin Episode 7 Quick Info
Writer Itsuki Imazaki
Director Itsuki Imazaki
Studio Geek Toys, Seven
Music Ryo Takahashi
Release Date February 21, 2023

Bare Knuckle Mathematics presents an unusual math game format, where contestants fight in ten rounds while their teammates answer math questions to earn punches for their fighters. However, the Iron Tigers intend to cheat by enlisting the help of Beg, one of their members.

Ningen Fushin Episode 7

Consequently, the other Survivors must work collectively to apprehend him and create an even playing field. In the forthcoming episode of Ningen Fushin, which is Ningen Fushin Episode 7, the team must band together and take a risk to confront the cheaters. Nevertheless, this will be no easy task as the Iron Tigers possess a plethora of underhanded tactics. To discover additional information, keep reading.

Keep reading to know what to expect from Ningen Fushin Episode 7. Beware, below are the spoilers for this manga series. So, read at your own risk.

Ningen Fushin Episode 7

Ningen Fushin Episode 7: Spoilers

In the upcoming chapter entitled Gambling Lesson, the Survivors plan to celebrate their victory against the Iron Tigers by dining at a posh restaurant. Curran is excited to apply her newly acquired math skills to get the best deals on the menu.

Nevertheless, things take a different turn when they discover that the restaurant is under the ownership of the same people who organized the Bare-Knuckle Mathematics tournament, and it serves as a guise for a more extensive criminal syndicate.

The Survivors are then faced with a difficult choice: either ignore the restaurant’s illegal activities and relish their meal or risk everything to bring the criminals to justice. Through Curran’s math expertise, they devise a plan to expose the restaurant’s illegal operations to the authorities.

In the midst of enjoying the best cuisine, the Survivors unite to dismantle the criminal organization. Finally, they understand that even the smallest talents can come in handy in unexpected circumstances.

If you enjoyed reading so far, you might want to check what had happened in the last episode, so, let us check the recap of Ningen Fushin Episode 6.

Ningen Fushin Episode 7

Ningen Fushin Episode 6: A Brief Revisit!

The 6th episode of Ningen Fushin was titled Mathematics Bare Knuckle. It involved a competition where Nick and Leon fought while Curran and Claudine solved math problems to win punches for their fighter.

However, Claudine cheated in the first 3 rounds, which caused Nick to get punched three times. Suspecting cheating by the Iron Tigers, the Survivors devised a plan to catch them. They caught Claudine using a special device to cheat and caught the cheater. Claudine was sad and regretful, while Curran was happy that she could now use her math skills to save money while eating at restaurants.

Finally, the release date, release time, and where to read Ningen Fushin Episode 7 have been mentioned below. (For your quick glance, it was also mentioned in the quick info box above.)

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Ningen Fushin Episode 7

Ningen Fushin Episode 7: Release Date & Time

Weekly on Tuesdays, a new episode of the anime series Ningen Fushin is released, with the upcoming Episode 7 scheduled to be released on February 21, 2023. Fans can watch the latest episode exclusively on the streaming platform Crunchyroll.

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