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One Piece Chapter 1073 – Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Plot Details

One Piece Chapter 1073 Quick Info
Writer Eiichiro Oda
Publisher Shueisha
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Where To Read Shonen Jump, Viz Media
Release Date January 29, 2023

The upcoming chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1073, promises to unveil an exhilarating storyline and reveal new information, specifically delving into the background of Stussy and her connection to Vegapunk, a topic that has aroused much curiosity among fans, particularly in light of Lucci’s recent doubts regarding her allegiance.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Release Time

Moreover, the Vegapunk arc has already piqued the interest of readers with the implication of numerous secrets yet to be uncovered. Therefore, readers should brace themselves for an in-depth exploration of each of these mysteries.

Additionally, the chapter will also focus on the practical applications of Dr. Vegapunk’s inventions in combat and the revelation for whom Stussy is truly working, as well as shedding light on her true loyalty, which has always been a topic of much speculation.

Will it unveil the strategies employed by our protagonists as they confront Lilith and Edison? Keep on reading below to know what will happen next in the One Piece Chapter 1073 manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1073: Spoilers

The cover page of One Piece Chapter 1073 manga has already sparked intrigue among fans, featuring the MADS scientists, including the renowned Dr. Vegapunk, who appears to be elated by his tank invention that shoots flowers, a sentiment that is not shared by his colleagues who seem to be repulsed by the thought, raising questions about their true intentions.

Furthermore, Lucci’s comments on Stussy’s loyalty, expressing his doubts about her allegiance to him, seem to be validated by her use of her Paper Arts: Heartbreak After Image technique to attack him.

Additionally, she further weakens him by using a Sea Prism Stone lipstick tube and drains him of his powers by biting him, much like she did to Kaku, and later praising their strength, noting that she can’t fight them fairly and square, which she finds more workable.

Stussy also asks for forgiveness as Lucci collapses, and subsequently informs others of her success, receiving congratulations from Vegapunk Satellites. Meanwhile, Zoro and Brook take the lead in stopping the Seraphim’s attack, but soon Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk Edison will enter the battle, creating problems for Zoro.

Below we’ll briefly revisit the previous chapter #1072.

One Piece Chapter 1072

One Piece Chapter 1072: Recap

In the previous chapter, One Piece Chapter 1072, Jewelry Bonney transforms into a child and starts crying, prompting Dr. Vegapunk to approach her out of concern, but it turns out to be a trap, as she uses a special move called Distorted Future to change her appearance and attempts to attack Vegapunk with a pipe, narrowly missing him when he pleads for her to spare his life.

However, she doesn’t hold back and knocks him down using another attack, Age Skewer, and then proceeds to grill him, asking why he took Bartholomew Kuma’s personality from him.

However, Vegapunk stuns her with the revelation that he had promised Kuma to keep this secret from her, no matter what, and that Kuma had been blown off while climbing the Red Line, but continued to fight the Marines.

Bonney initially refuses to believe it, but later opens the door, triggering a flashback of the moment when Vegapunk begged Kuma to let him explore his memories. Back in the present, Vegapunk warns Bonney to stay away from the bubble, as it is painful enough to kill someone, but she reminds him that she knows her father’s powers.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Where To Read

One Piece Chapter 1073: Release Date & Time

One Piece Chapter 1073 is set to be released at the stroke of midnight on Sunday, January 29, 2023.

One Piece Chapter 1073: Where To Read

One Piece’s next chapter can be read on various platforms such as Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus.


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