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One Piece Episode 1049 – Release Date, Time, Spoilers & Where To Watch

One Piece Episode 1049 Quick Info
Writer Shōji Yonemura
Director Yasunori Koyama
Studio Toei Animation
Release Time 9:30 AM JST
Release Date January 29, 2023

Fans have undergone a shift in their anticipation, having previously eagerly awaited Luffy’s return, but now fervently hoping that the focus will continue to center around Yamato’s battle against Kaido.

One Piece Episode 1049 Where To Watch

This change in expectation has, in part, been brought about by Momonosuke’s struggles in bringing Luffy back to Onigashima. Regrettably, it remains uncertain whether this will indeed be the case, as no credible spoilers have been disclosed for the upcoming episode.

It is expected that One Piece Episode 1049 will at least touch upon the status of Zoro and Sanji, as their respective battles against King and Queen have been among the most pivotal and impactful aspects of the Onigashima Raid. It would be logical for the episode to provide updates on the characters and their fights.

Keep reading at your own risk to extract the entire juice of the One Piece Episode #1049’s spoilers.

One Piece Episode 1049 Release

One Piece Episode 1049: Spoilers

One Piece’s next episode has been titled, “Luffy Soars! Revenge on the King of the Beasts”.

One Piece Episode 1049 will make fans to anticipate the potential return of Luffy to Onigashima in the upcoming episode, as he and Momonosuke are depicted plummeting towards the flying island in a crash landing, providing a source of excitement for viewers.

Additionally, the new episode show further interactions and conflicts between Yamato and Kaido, suggesting that the fight between them will continue to provide entertaining moments.

Fans will be able to see Kaido and Yamato bearing serious expressions towards one another, which may hint at their relationship and how it came to an end.

One Piece Episode 1049 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 1049: Recap

The onset of One Piece Episode 1048 centered around Kaido’s manipulation of Yamato’s mind by emphasizing that Luffy’s return was unlikely and that the raid was a useless endeavor. Nevertheless, Yamato refused to be swayed by Kaido’s words, leading Kaido to assert that this was not a family dispute as Yamato had severed all familial ties by assuming Oden’s identity.

Concurrently, the audience was presented with a depiction of Momonosuke’s struggle to navigate flight in his newfound dragon form, resulting in a further delay in their return to Onigashima.

The episode then delved into a flashback of Yamato’s childhood, showcasing their utilization of Conqueror’s Haki for the first time, which ultimately led to their imprisonment by Kaido for insubordination in claiming Oden’s identity.

We saw that episode #1048 continued with Yamato’s encounter with the three Daimyos of Wano, who had risen in rebellion following Oden’s execution. The trio aided Yamato by freeing them, providing nourishment, and training them.

Additionally, they bestowed upon Yamato Odden’s journal before escaping from the cave and sacrificing themselves to ensure Yamato’s safety by engaging in battle with Kaido.

One Piece Episode 1049

One Piece Episode 1049: Release Date & Time

The release of One Piece Episode 1049 is drawing near. It is set to premiere on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 9:30 am JST in Japan.

Subsequent to the airing of each episode in Japan, international viewers have the opportunity to access the episode via Crunchyroll, but sadly, with a delay of approximately 90 minutes.

Plus, Funimation continues to make available the latest episodes of the series to its subscribers on a weekly basis, however, the lag time for their streaming service is significantly greater in comparison to that of Crunchyroll.


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