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One Piece Episode 1050: Spoilers, Plot, Release Date & Time

One Piece Episode 1050 Quick Info
Writer Shōji Yonemura
Genre Fantasy, Adventure
Studio Toei Animation
Release Time 09:30 AM JST
Release Date February 5, 2023

The conclusion of the previous episode of One Piece, Episode 1049, saw a film-quality return from Luffy, sparking hope among fans that this latest installment will pick up where the previous one left off, with the continuation of the Straw Hat’s battle against the formidable Kaido for the 3rd round.

One Piece Episode 1050

Join us as we delve into all the available release information for One Piece Episode 1050, while speculating on the possibilities of what it may have in store. Beware, below are the spoilers for this anime series. So, kindly read at your own risk.

One Piece Episode 1050: Spoilers

As can be deduced from the preview of Episode 1050 of One Piece, a showdown between Momonosuke and Kaido is imminent. However, it appears that fans will not be treated to the sight of Luffy continuing his battle with Kaido as he appears to be in his base form in the preview. With Gear Fourth incapacitating him for 10 minutes, it is expected that Momonosuke and Yamato will join forces to fill the gap.

One Piece Episode 1050

Additionally, the episode promises to give viewers an update on the ongoing skirmishes and happenings within the Skull Dome, involving the Straw Hats. A particularly intriguing shot of Brook carrying Robin through a fiery terrain hints at the possibility of an adversary pursuing them. Given the presence of CP0 on the island, it can be surmised that they might have set their sights on capturing Robin.

The episode is also poised to conclude with some resolution to the confrontation between Momonosuke and Kaido. Although their battle is unlikely to be fully settled in a single episode, fans can anticipate Momonosuke having gained the upper hand by the end of the episode.

If you enjoyed reading so far, you might want to check what had happened in the last episode, so, let us check the recap of One Piece Episode 1049.

One Piece Episode 1050

One Piece Episode 1049: A Brief Revisit!

One Piece Episode 1049 of the series opened with a scene featuring Luffy mounted on Momonosuke, who was transformed into a dragon, yet they had yet to take flight. A contentious discussion arose between the two as Momonosuke expressed his fear of heights, but they ultimately took to the skies.

As they approached Onigashima, Momonosuke disclosed a new obstacle to their journey, revealing his lack of knowledge on how to land, causing them to deviate from their intended path and soar through several levels of the Skull Dome instead of directly heading to the roof.

Meanwhile, the episode shifted back to the confrontation between Yamato and Kaido, where Yamato’s belief in Luffy and aspiration to emulate Oden and save Wano was rekindled. Kaido countered by pointing out Yamato’s solitude, since their lone friend Ace was no longer alive, leaving them with no one to protect and no friends to rely on.

This assertion visibly disturbed Yamato, leaving them vulnerable to Kaido’s successive strikes. However, Yamato rose to his feet and mustered a counterattack, just as Luffy was finally approaching the rooftop, who had transformed into his Snakeman form. The episode culminated with both Yamato and Luffy simultaneously attacking Kaido as the screen faded to black.

Finally, the release date, release time, and where to watch One Piece Episode 1050 have been mentioned below. (For your quick glance, it was also mentioned in the quick info box above.)

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One Piece Episode 1050

One Piece Episode 1050: Release Date & Time

The broadcast of One Piece Episode 1050, set to be a captivating continuation of the Straw Hat versus Kaido showdown, is scheduled to unfold at 09:30 AM JST on Sunday, February 5, 2023 on Japanese television channels.

The episode’s release schedule, however, varies for international viewers, with a small fraction having access to it on Saturday evening in their local time, while the majority will experience its airing on Sunday morning in accordance with their regional time zones.

For those around the world seeking to stream the episode, the popular platform Crunchyroll offers it approximately 90 minutes after its premier in Japan. Although Funimation is still streaming new episodes of the series on a weekly basis, their delay time is significantly greater than that of Crunchyroll, making the latter a more convenient option for viewing the eagerly awaited One Piece Episode 1050.

The below 2 time zones can experience the show on February 4, 2023. Rest, every other major time zone will get to watch on February 5, 2023.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 06:00 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time: 09:00 PM

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