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Revenger Episode 7: Rosy Pitfall! Release Date & Spoilers

Revenger Episode 7 Quick Info
Writer Yōsuke Kuroda
Director Gen Urobuchi, Renji Ōki
Studio Ajia-do Animation Works
Musician Jun Futamata
Release Date February 16, 2023

Revenger, a recently popular show, should not be mistaken for Tokyo Revengers as it has a different storyline and characters, despite both featuring gangs and gang wars. Episode 7 of the series is set to be the final release for the week and will focus on the characters’ search for the opium stash.

Revenger Episode 7

The location of the drugs is believed to be at Rosy Pitfall, which will play an important role in the story. The consequences of finding the stash at this location remain unknown and can only be revealed with time.

Keep reading to know what to expect from Revenger Episode 7. Beware, below are the spoilers for this anime series. Kindly read at your own risk.

Revenger Episode 7

Revenger Episode 7: Spoilers

The latest episode of Revenger, titled Rosy Pitfall, will center on the search for the opium stash. The previous episode ended with little information on the subject, making it imperative to start looking for it now.

The top priority is protecting Kurima, as his capture could lead to the gang’s downfall. The episode will first focus on finding the stash, which was previously known by Nagasaki, but with his death, the possibility of locating it is low.

Once the stash is discovered, the task of restoring order and peace in the area will be challenging.

If you enjoyed reading so far, you might want to check what had happened in the last episode, so, let us check the recap of Revenger Episode 6.

Revenger Episode 7

Revenger Episode 6: A Brief Revisit!

The 6th episode of Revenger was titled Adversary Advent, and it began with Kurima receiving payment for his previous work. Soji found himself in yet another fight when a group of attackers arrived.

Meanwhile, Isarizawa contacted Usui to inform him that Kurima was being monitored once again, and they suspected he was hiding in Chinatown. The main concern was that Kurima’s death would result in an investigation that would expose the entire gang.

Therefore, the priority shifted to rescuing Kurima, which was a successful mission. However, the authorities were now searching for a hidden stash of opium that no one knew the location of.

Finally, the release date, release time, and where to read Revenger Episode 7 have been mentioned below. There is also a quick info box above mentioning this information briefly and precisely.

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Revenger Episode 7

Revenger Episode 7: Release Date & Time

It’s great news that there won’t be any delay in the release of Revenger Episode 7, meaning it will be available soon. The official release date for the episode is February 16, 2023.

Fans of the anime can access all episodes exclusively on Crunchyroll’s official pages.

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