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Second Life Ranker Chapter 146 – Release Date, Spoilers & Plot

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146

Braham’s daughter can be saved thanks to Yeon Woo’s strategy. Additionally, it appears that he is on the correct track to save his niece Seisha. The previous chapter demonstrated how well he devised a strategy to eliminate Viera Dune, the Witch. As Yeon Woo’s scheme begins its operation, things will now start to get exciting. Isn’t it?

Yeon Woo will bring all the bits together the following time in Second Life Ranker to locate the philosopher stone. But it appears that someone got a hold of it prior to Yeon Woo!

Get the Second Life Ranker Chapter 146’s spoilers below.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146: Spoilers

The Second Life Ranker Chapter 146‘s focus will be on the Dragon Queen and her schemes. She intends to use the philosopher’s stone to rescue herself and she would eat it to fix the dragon’s heart as she doesn’t want Yeon Woo to locate it. But the situation might alter and might take a turn. It could be shown in the following chapter that Yeon Woo anticipated the outcome. As a result, the plot will take on fresh twists and shocks.

The Red Dragon will attempt to cure the Summer Queen in the meanwhile using the fictitious inscription. He will serve as a hostage for Yeon Woo when he poisons the queen. After all, the dragon house will hold responsible Walpurgisnacht for the Queen’s death. They are where the inscription came from. Yeon Woo will rescue Ananta, the daughter of Braham, among all this mayhem. Will his strategy be successful, though? The stone appears to be in the Summer Queen’s possession already. Is it a scam? You will have to see what Chapter 146 has for us.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146

Second Life Ranker Chapter 145: A Brief Revisit!

In chapter 145 of Second Life Ranker, the Kelat Auction House was filled with wealthy individuals competing for the transcription scripts, the final legacy of the renowned alchemist Trismegistus. The eight major clans were also present at the auction. Mr. Chloe made the highest bid and secured the first script for himself. As word spread, the second auction began, with the Mage Tower emerging as the winner. Meanwhile, attention shifted to the Summer Queen.

Recalling memories of the dragon Ismenios who had gifted her his heart, she realized that she did not have much time left as her body was failing her. In a sudden twist, her troops presented her with the Philosopher’s stone, yet it was still lacking a crucial inscription that could only be obtained from the auction. As a result, she commanded the Red Dragon to bid on the third auction, and acquire all the inscriptions and Elixir. The story also revealed that the scripts were counterfeit and Yeon Woo was devising a grand scheme to defeat Viera Dune and save Ananta.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146: Release Date

The upcoming chapter 146 of this manga will be available on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 146: Where To Read

The latest chapter, chapter #146 of Second Life Ranker is going to be published on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao websites and their apps. Stay tuned to Anime Unfolded to know more details.

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