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SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: Dellapar Trial – Spoiler, Release Date & Plot

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

This week’s release of SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61 is scheduled. Fans want to know how Jeongdo will approach the upcoming challenge. Jeongdo has been losing ground in terms of class ever since he improved his numbers. Now, our Hero must figure out how to combine these two abilities. Jeongdo is concerned that other people could surpass him in power. Haesik had reached level 45, and Yoo Seoyoon had reached level 27. How will he be able to follow them? Everything you need to know about chapter 61’s story and the release date is right here!

The cast will come together in the following episode and battle Jeongdo together. These players, though, are not your typical ones this time. They, who? Learn more by continuing to read!

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: Spoiler

Jeongdo will be examined in chapter 61. He has a new mission to stay current with skill stats. His new abilities are inappropriate for his class. It is being rejected by the Gacha system. Jeongdo is forced to carry out the new task as a result. But it’s not your typical one. In fact, only a select few creatures in the cosmos have attained the necessary prerequisites and reached the limit to try this class trial quest. The Dellapar trial will be the first one. Along with a few other elite players, it will be a particular task.

Jeongdo needs to battle all the odds with red gemstone crystal. A barrier surrounding his body created by the red gemstone will shield him. All trial participants will receive a distinctive title as a reward. Against other gamers, will our hero display his full strength? Other characters haven’t yet received much attention from the comic’s creator. The screen time will now go to Jeongdo, though. Consequently, it will be intriguing to observe where things go from here.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 60: A Brief Revisit!

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 60 became available in the dungeon. Seoyoon, Jeongdo, and Haesik were leveling up by fighting class monsters. Since the last time, the team had significantly improved. Jeongdo was also pleased by their offensive strategy. But he was particularly taken aback by the enormous increase in the score that occurred when they moved up. He inquired as to whether they had noticed their standing advancement. The response from Haesik and Seoyoon was that they hadn’t yet looked at the statistics. Jeongdo cautioned them about becoming overexcited when they do this.

Jeongdo, meanwhile, went into a covert dungeon to level his class. Gacha had chosen a unique site for his latest mission. He was, however, immediately dragged through the gates. Speedy runner Grande, his trial guide, was outside the gates. As she pulled him toward the Holy Mountains, Grande offered him a crimson ruby. Now, a number of additional power users would go through the Dellapar trial to switch classes. As a result, the chapter ended abruptly, with Jeongdo appearing prepared to accept the challenge.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: Release Date

If Jeongdo will prevail in the conflict, only time will tell. But he won’t pass up the opportunity to take home the unique distinction. This championship will have a significant impact on his future development. As a result, excitement for the next performance is quite high. On January 8, 2023, SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61 will be made available.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: Where To Read

It may be read in a variety of locations. You may read the full SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61 series in English on Web Toons, one of the biggest websites for manhwa publishing. Other sites, you can refer are Naver and Kakao pages.


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