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Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120 – Release Date, Spoilers & Plot

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120

Currently, the lead character is in great danger. In an effort to convince his old teammates that he wasn’t the person who misled them, he is engaged in combat with several of his old teammates. But the majority of them are sure that he is to blame for their isolation from the rest of humanity. The officials storm into the space where these guys are engaged in combat in Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120. Keep reading to know more.

Fans will note that Ijin is no more attempting to win these agents’ hearts in the following chapter. Now, his main goal is to return as many people as he can to safety. Will he be able to survive and survive intact? Stay tuned and keep reading.

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120: Spoilers

The next episode of Teenage Mercenary will undoubtedly be action-packed and this indication was evident from the chapter’s final run. In order to combat the mercenary agents, the officials dispatched their best personnel. However, Ijin was also present inside with them. Therefore, he too faces a serious threat from this. It will be a tremendous accomplishment for him to survive without suffering any serious wounds. He must now choose between seeking retribution and forgiving the offender.

It’s possible that this may go down in history as the boy’s defining moment. Chapter 120 of Teenage Mercenary will also examine how the officials decided to handle the entire event. Will they also detain Ijin? The solution to that question can only be found in the upcoming chapter!

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 119: A Brief Revisit!

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 119‘s first scene was not formal. Ijin was questioned nonstop by Agent 002. After then, the chapter jumps to a previous scene. Everyone decided at this point that they would not attack one another. However, when a serious threat faced them all, the silence rule was breached and in the current moment, Agent 002 began to stomp on Ijin for shattering the entire squad.

However, the manner Ijin was resisting made it obvious that it was necessary to amp things up a little. Everyone was astounded to see how much his defensive and knife abilities had advanced. Additionally, 002 felt the burden of being behind as the battle went on. The agents’ squad was in severe danger when the chapter’s concluding scenario played out. To prevent these guys from generating any more disturbance, the full squad had arrived.

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120: Release Date

The 120th chapter of Teenage Mercenary will have lots of action. The chapter will officially be released on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120: Where To Read

Fans can read all of the chapters of this manga series on the official websites and apps of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao.


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