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The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19: Where To Watch, Release Date & Time

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19 Quick Info
Writer Kanichi Katou
Director Kazuya Nakanishi
Studio Nexus
Release Time 10:30 PM JST
Release Date February 8, 2023

In The Eminence in Shadow, Cid Kagenou, the anime’s lead character known for his immense shadow power, exudes an air of invincibility, with not a trace of fear evident on his countenance. Yet, fans were astounded to learn that there is one individual who can make Cid feel intimidated – his older sister, Claire Kagenou.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19

Despite his lack of affection towards Claire, Cid holds her in high regard and acts as a devoted younger sibling. Having triumphed over Annerose in the tournament, he now considers himself 70% successful in his pursuit of the Bushin Festival goals. Though the remaining 30% may prove to be a challenge for Cid, he will be taken aback when he finds out who his next adversary will be.

Keep reading to know what to expect from The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19. Beware, below are the spoilers of this manga series. So, read at your own risk.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19: Spoilers

The 19th episode of The Eminence in Shadow named “Dancing Doll” in Japanese (Odoru Ningyō), will showcase a dramatic showdown between Mundane Mann and Princess Iris Midgar.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19

The episode will reveal that Iris is in a dire state, having sustained severe injuries during the confrontation. However, considering that she emerged victorious in the tournament by acquiring the Bushin Festival Trophy, it is plausible that Cid (who is masked as Mundane Mann) deliberately lost the fight.

Meanwhile, Rose Oriana plans to infiltrate the tournament with the intention of seeking revenge against Perv Asshat, the person controlling the King of Oriana, by killing him. In her quest for vengeance, Rose will encounter Beta and her contingent from the Shadow Garden.

If you enjoyed reading so far, you might want to check what had happened in the last episode, so, let us check the recap of The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18: A Brief Revisit!

Claire was disillusioned by her younger brother’s continuous breach of promises, causing her to strangle Cid as he failed to visit her during summer break. In an effort to make amends, she gave her Bushin Festival ticket to Cid and demanded that he attend to see her become a champion. To Cid’s surprise, he was seated next to Princess Iris Midgar and other royalty, courtesy of the VIP ticket provided by his sister.

Cid was agitated after his “background character” status was compromised by a “named character,” Iris, who apologized for past accusations. He later crossed paths with Beatrix and they engaged in small talk before exchanging burgers.

In episode 18 of The Eminence in Shadow, Iris was stunned to see Perv’s appearance at the tournament. Annerose was confident that her research on Mundane’s moves would give her an advantage, but she was proven wrong as Mundane increased his speed, leaving behind afterimages.

Despite attempting a counterattack, Annerose’s calculations proved incorrect, resulting in her defeat at the hands of Mundane’s exceptional control over his spacing.

Meanwhile, Iris was taken aback by the appearance of War Goddess Beatrix at the Bushin Festival tournament. Cid was grateful to have achieved 70% of his Bushin Festival goals with the help of “Miss Not-Seeing,” Annerose Nichtsehen.

After discovering Claire waiting for him outside his apartment, Cid was filled with fear as he realized he had broken another promise to her.

Finally, the release date, release time, and where to watch The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19 have been mentioned below. (For your quick glance, it was also mentioned in the quick info box above.)

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The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19: Release Date & Time

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 19 will premiere in Japan on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 22:30 JST on several channels including A-TX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and Tokyo MX.

For fans residing outside Japan, the latest installment of the anime can be accessed on Hidive which is the exclusive streaming platform that offers both English sub and dub versions.

Hidive requires a paid subscription, which can be availed of with options ranging from $4.99 per month to $47.99 per year, which also includes a two-week complimentary trial. It is imperative to note that the timing of the episode’s release may vary depending on the geographical location.

The release dates of some of the time zones are provided below –

  • Pacific Standard Time: 5:30 AM
  • Central Standard Time: 7:30 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time: 8:30 AM

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