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The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: Leaving For Home – Release Date, Spoiler, Plot

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

Xiaowan’s use of her abilities is at a crossroads. She is not even close to her master’s level. Sir Maoyun is a Talisman master of the seventh level already. She will also require the assistance of her brush in order to reach the seventh-level Talisma. But for her to advance to such positions, she must first achieve the Golden Core stage. Especially with Xiaowan in the center of the foundation realm, it appears to be a difficult challenge. You will have to watch to know if she would get an upgrade. Keep on reading to know all the information on The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214‘s release date, plot, and much more.

The Emperor Is A Woman‘s Xiaowan will make a significant step the next time. She is facing greater obstacles as she advances. She will now work to overcome them, nevertheless. So continue reading to learn more about TEIAW (The Emperor Is A Woman).

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: Spoilers

The Emperor Is A Woman’s Chapter 214 will begin in Xiaowan and her sister’s native home country. They have been invited home for the holiday by their parents. At the same time, they are in for a pleasant surprise. The parents of Xiaowan are concealing something which will become clear eventually.


There will soon be a new sibling. In addition, Xiaoying will be anxious to meet the new addition to the family. The sisters will need to arrive home first though so that the welcome of the new member can be done. Parents anticipate learning what Xiowan and Xiaoying have already absorbed after two years.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

Xiaowan will be struggling emotionally during this time. It appears that she has reached the end of her Cultivation. Can Xiawan advance through the levels? In the upcoming chapter, Xiaowan will attempt a number of more strategies to defeat the eighth-ordered Talisman. Her instructor will also teach her some new techniques to use against the low-level monsters before they go. Only chapter 214 will show what new skill she is able to pick up.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 213: A Brief Revisit

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 213 began in a mountainous area. For destroying the house, the maestro reprimanded Xiaowan and her sister. She was left with no option but to meditate in the mountains. She was attempting to find out how to get to higher-order Talisman in the meantime. She considered how her Master had attained the level. But Xiaowan believed she lacked the strength to rise to such a position. Because of the bush, she could only employ 4th-order talismans. A letter from her parents arrived in the time interval.

They wished for the speedy return of Xiaoying and Xiaowan. But before they moved, Xiaowan had to get their master’s approval. The envoy also informed them that several devils had attacked the shore at the same moment. The sisters were therefore terrified. The maestro had a meeting with them and explained that they were dealing with low-level monsters. They could be easily defeated by anyone. Towards, the end of the chapter, they were getting ready to head back to their hometown.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: Release Date

The Emperor Is A Woman’s new chapter which is Chapter #214 will be out by Tuesday, January 17, 2023, which is very soon. However, you may not find the English-translated chapter to be released on the same day. It might take even more time for the same to be released. Stay tuned with Anime Unfolded to get more updates.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: Where To Read

The Emperor Is A Woman manga is released weekly on Bilibili. So, fans can read from there as soon as the new chapter is released.


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