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Weak Hero Chapter 228: Worst Battle Ever – Release Date, Spoilers, Plot

Weak Hero Chapter 228

Our heroes’ lives are now in danger as the manhwa takes a disastrous turn. The change in the plot will be the main topic of Weak Hero Chapter 228. Fans praised the manhwa for continuing to tell Gray’s tale and that of his crew. But Donald always used them as a pawn. But this time onwards, circumstances have altered, which will finally result in the greatest conflict ever. Hence, get ready as Big Ben is on the side of Gray. What else is there in Weak Hero Chapter 228 for the fans, let’s find out.

The power transition will be the main theme of the next plot of Weak Hero. Each individual has been working for Donald and carrying out his directions since the very beginning. But all of a sudden everything changed when he assaulted their pal. Donald is no longer feared, and people are willing to deal with him. They want to serve justice to their buddy and teach Donald a lesson.

Weak Hero Chapter 228

Weak Hero Chapter 228: Spoiler

The effects of Gray’s action will be the main topic of the following chapter which is chapter #228. Gray was prevented from performing a crime by Alex, who also let him know that Eugene was secure. He was brought to the hospital by Rowan and Gerard. Big Ben soon showed up and smacked Forrest Lee. Ben offers his apologies for being late and promises to assist him. The conflict has now started with Donald and Union on one side and Ben, Gray, Gerard, Teddy, Rowan, and Wolf on the other side who are looking to take revenge. The rebels have teamed up with the army to eliminate Donald and his lieutenants.

They don’t give a damn about Donald’s response. However, this marks the start of the conflict. The plot will soon center on the group’s decision to stick together in spite of their interpersonal conflicts. Wolf just wants to give Donald a fair lesson, whereas the others want to serve justice on Eugene’s behalf. Rowan will care for Eugene inside the hospital since he is terrified to fight in the battleground.

Weak Hero Chapter 228

Weak Hero Chapter 227: A Brief Revisit!

At the start of Weak Hero Chapter 227, Wolf was seen ending Donald’s pair. However, one of Donald’s peers began disparaging Wolf. A threat was also made to him. Wolf was then reminded that Donald wouldn’t desert him. He would pursue him and kill him by beating him. Wolf, however, was unmoved by his caution and reprimanded him for first learning to stand on his own feet first before issuing such cautions. However, that person speaking went on to say that Wolf made an error in confronting Donald and his crew. Additionally, he said that whenever Donald and his army found out about Wolf’s role in Eugene’s case, they would surely assassinate Wolf.

Gray suddenly and unexpectedly appeared on the battlefield. He paid Wolf little consideration and continued in the direction of his intended goal. Because his opponent was still alive and spreading nonsense behind his back, he was furious. He then repeatedly slapped and struck his face. Wolf soon remembered Gray’s past as Dongha Baek, when he was well-known in the criminal underworld. Later in the sequence of chapter 227, Gray’s flashbacks are the main emphasis before Gray’s opponent comes into the view. He made an attempt to warn that he would destroy Eugene forever. His rage increased as a result, and he beat his opponent to death.

Weak Hero Chapter 228

Weak Hero Chapter 228: Release Date

Now that everyone is working together, the plot will take a brand-new twist. The new chapter will reveal how events will go further. The release date for Weak Hero Chapter 228 is Saturday, January 14, 2023.

Weak Hero Chapter 228: Where To Read

It may be read in a variety of locations. You may read the full Weak Hero Manhwa series in English on Web Toons, one of the biggest websites for manhwa publishing. You’ll be able to access it for free. Apart from Naver Web Toons, you can access it on the Kakao pages.


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