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Weak Hero Chapter 229: Ultimate Battle – Release Date, Spoilers, Plot

Weak Hero Chapter 229

Weak Hero Chapter 229 will finally concentrate on the conclusion of the epic fight that has already been simmering between Eunjang and The Union for the previous chapters. This is what fans of manhwa are yearning for. However, no one ever envisioned Gray, Gerard, Ben, Ronald, Teddy, and Wolf would ever work together. But it has already begun, and Eugene deserves all the credit. However, Donald may run into issues due to his possibility of surviving. Interesting enough? Would you like to have more juice to be extracted? Then, keep reading below.

The conflict between Eunjang and The Union’s final arc will be the focus of the 229th chapter. Both sides have been engaged in conflict for a very long time. However, it has now grown to a point where things are getting out of control. Ben and his group mates are constantly being followed by Donald, who wants to find and eliminate them. It’s worth seeing how Ben and the gang will handle things from here.

Weak Hero Chapter 229

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Spoilers

The decisive conflict between Eunjang and The Union will be the subject of the following chapter which is chapter #229. Donald Na, who is the leader of The Union, recently called Ben and instructed him to meet him at the Mapo bridge’s southern end. Donald dislikes losing fights and is aware that Ben poses a serious danger to his image. He’s resolved to close and win this fight here in order to leave a lasting impression. Donald had also screwed with their pal, therefore Ben and others are out to murder him.

In the hospital, Eugene’s health is getting worse with time. So everyone out there will choose to join together to fight The Union. Ben is more likely to arrive there by himself, though, as he feels that this is his fight. He will be followed by Gray, Gerard, and many others who will point out their shared allegiance. The fight arc appears to have a few more chapters left even though the manhwa is in its last war.

Weak Hero Chapter 229

Weak Hero Chapter 228: A Brief Revisit!

Forrest Lee and others previously came to notify Donald Na about the struggle against Eugene’s force in Weak Hero Chapter 228. Such news was not something Donald was eager to hear. Eugene was someone he wanted to see. Instead, Forrest Lee informed Donald that Ben Park was solely to blame for their defeat in the combat. When Donald heard his name, he quickly lost control and struck Forrest Lee. Later, he called Jimmy and told him that the battle was over and there was no need to consider a second opportunity at this time. Soon, a flashback of Donald Na’s past and the agony it had created in his life appeared.

Gray visited Eugene when he was hospitalized. Eugene wasn’t in good physical condition. He had treatable physical wounds, but the trauma had put him in a coma. Gray was worried by this information. But when Eugene’s family gave him the present he had purchased for Gray, his guilt began to build. Gray, Ben, and others afterward pondered what they should do next. Ben decided to complete the Union right now. Gerard made an effort to reassure him, though. Following a brief argument, Ben got a call from Donald and he ultimately demanded a fight from Ben.

Weak Hero Chapter 229

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Release Date

The next chapter of Weak Hero will be available on Sunday, January 22, 2023. So, all the fans will be able to see how exactly things will unfold and what next to expect.

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Where To Read

You may read the full Weak Hero Manhwa series in English on Naver Webtoon, one of the biggest websites for manhwa publishing. Plus, Kakao pages.

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